I'm Martha María Tobón, a graphic designer and art director with more than 20 years of experience. 
My passion for my work drives me to give each client the best of me. We team up to understand your needs because my commitment is that your brand tells a story, comes to life through images generating emotions and connection, which is reflected in successful results. My challenge every time I take on a new client is that each design conveys a relevant, authentic and unique message; that when anyone sees an image related to the brand, they immediately associate with it.
I want to break the myth that hiring a designer is complicated and expensive. I try to adapt to your budget with the premise of doing more with less, in an efficient and fair way.

career Path
Graphic Design Degree
Graphic Designer Graduate (1992) from Taller Cinco Centro de Diseño in Bogotá. My thesis «Ephemeral Artisans» is a graphic narrative composed of eighteen airbrush and colored pencils large-format illustrations about the history, from its ancestral origin to the present day, of the traditional Silleteros Parade in Medellín.
London, UK
In 1993 I moved to London. I worked at Davies-Ireland Smith GREY (Healthcare) agency as the Creative Director Assistant and studied typography and editorial design courses at the London College of Printing and Distribute Trades. In 1995 I joined the Arvan Williams Team, a design agency where I worked as a graphic creative for 5 years, developing advertising pieces, branding, packaging and new product development. There, I left a little piece of my soul.
In 1999 I moved back to Colombia and worked as an art director at the J. Walter Thompson Colombia with Huggies, Kimbies, Kleenex, Sunsilk, Lux, Scott, Rosario University, Sun Microsystems and Super Ley brands.

Nova de Plata 2000

Nova de Plata 2001

In 2001 I was a co-partner of the Control-d graphic team. We worked together for 20 years in the creation of brands, editorial design, infographics, packaging and advertising for both printing and digital media.  We dedicated almost a decade to the healthcare sector, working for clients such as Fundación Cardioinfantil, Redcord National Stem Cell Bank, Conceptum Fertility Clinic, Roche and Aventis Pasteur.  We also worked for 10 years in the Defense sector working for The Rendon Group, the Colombian Ministry of Defense, CGFM and the Colombian Government.  We have had a long term relationship with clients such as Productos Arquitectónicos, VUCAA Leadership, Servicebots, True Indigo, ADG Travel Spain, Agora Gourmet, Abasto restaurant, among others.
May 2021
I started a new independent solo-studio. I arrived at the 5th decade with my head covered in gray hair, many kilometers traveled, loaded with anecdotes and experiences and doing what I like the most in life, designing.  I will continue my journey dreaming, traveling, learning and creating new things every day.
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